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Temporarily Closed
Balamcanché el trono del jaguar
Name means "The Jaguar Throne" and is located six kilometers from Chichén Itza the caves of Balamcanché are an important archaeological and natural attraction of Yucatán, dating from the classical period (between the years 200 and 300 A.D.). The site, used by the ancient Maya as a ceremonial center, is located at kilometer 6 of the Pisté – Valladolid highway, in the municipality of Tinum, 132 kilometers from Mérida.
To enter the cavern, you descend to a depth of 10 meters. Inside is the throne of the Balam, a semi-dry lake, and various objects such as metals, miniature dishes, jewelry offerings, and ceramics.
During the tour, which lasts approximately 40 minutes, you can see stalagmites and stalactites, one of which touches the ground resembling a large ceiba tree, in which the faithful deposited their offerings.
Among the attractions affered by Balankanché are a light and sound show, narrated in Spanish, English, and French, telling the history of the place, with a botanical garden and museum with photographs and explanatory certicates about the sacred rituals practiced in this space.


Km 6 of the Pisté-Valladolid State Highway,
Municipal Commissioner of Piste,
Municipality of Tinum, Yucatan.

Operation days:

Temporarily closed.

Hours of admission to the cave:

Group of maximum 15 people.
Access only with a guide.

  • 9:00 hrs Spanish
  • 10:00 hrs French
  • 11:00 hrs English
  • 12:00 hrs Spanish
  • 13:00 hrs English
  • 14:00 hrs Spanish
  • 15:00 hrs English
  • 16:00 hrs Spanish

Duration of the tour: 45 minutes.

and attention
to visitors

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Photographic Exhibition
Administrative Offices of the Patronato Cultur and INAH
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